Livend face brush

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or need some help? Read below for our frequently asked questions. If your question is still unanswered, reach out to us through the contact page and we will be in touch.

How do I use Livend Face Brush?

Your box will have instructions inside to help explain how you should use the product. You can also find the online version here.

What’s the return policy?

Our return policy is after the product is open it can no longer be returned. If the product is damaged upon arrival please fill out this form and include pictures.

Is this TSA approved?

Both chambers hold less than 3 ounces of liquid which meets the criteria for TSA.

How often do I clean the Face Brush?

We recommend daily by wiping it down with a towel to get the brush pad dry.

FAQ Livend Face Brush
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